How To Make A Website Fast

How To Make A Website Fast

177HThese days, spending months designing a single website just isn’t good enough for people. They want everything done yesterday and with constant changes. It’s because it’s now possible to make instant little changes that we are so quick to demand this from our webmasters.

Don’t worry though, because today we’re going to look at a couple different sources of website builders. They’ll make it much easier to build that dream site or even the idea for your next blog.

1. WordPress – With countless themes being uploaded by designers every day, WordPress easily makes it to the top of my list. Just make sure the theme is well made and responsive. The changes in 2015 to Google’s algorithm have made it more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website. And who wouldn’t want to, anyway? Something like 65% of all Google searches these days comes from smartphones.

2. Godaddy – Godaddy has excellent customer support that will surely smooth along the process of getting your new website set up. I think overall, I prefer the interface of Weebly’s site builder a little bit more, but the excellent Godaddy customer service made it come in second. The possibility of registering, hosting, and building a website all with one company also makes it a good choice.

3. Weebly – Weebly has a fantastic little site builder setup that will keep you surprising yourself with new and more amazing site possibilities every time. Forms are also very easy to set up and maintain. With a little practice and a good idea you can get a website set up on Weebly in about an hour or two. And perhaps the best part of all, for the sites you’ve made for your clients there’s a $100 Google AdWords coupon. All you have to do is spend 25 dollars and you receive an additional one hundred dollars in AdWords credit! It’s a great way to start out your new business website for a client.

With the huge amount of software and online applications out there, it’s easier than every to create and maintain an amazing and professional website. And it’s much quicker and easier than before, no more coding necessary. So get creating!

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