Tips For Social Media

Tips For Social Media


Hey everybody, social media can be an important part of anybody’s life, whether for marketing purposes or for getting the word out about your blog. There are so many aspects to social media that it can seem a little overwhelming. 

Fortunately, not all social media was created equal, and you don’t have to elect to participate in all of the social media sites. Pick a few of the most important ones for your webpage or blog. Facebook and Google Plus are a must for brick and mortar businesses especially, since they have map directions in their page profiles.

Twitter is also a great tool, especially for those who want an audience that is spread all over the place. The way to succeeding in the world of Twitter is much like Facebook and Google Plus, you must write articles that engage your readers or help them with their day.

Twitter is interesting, however because of one little thing. After a while of being on Twitter people may start to place you on Public lists, their way of categorizing you among their other Follows on Twitter. This can in turn be used to find a ton of other, interesting people to follow who will be more likely to follow you back.

In general, you should always have your mind set on how you can be using this following you have with your social media to drive traffic back to your website. Always share articles written on your website on all channels of social media with shortened material. The addition of a “Click Here” in order for people to read more will provide a ready link back to your page and drive traffic back home where it belongs.

Make sure and give a daily dose of articles to all of your social media channels while changing up the format of posts. Make some inspirational and others in question and answer format. Make sure and give tips, and share resources with people, looking to give them useful content that they will hopefully want to share with others.

Photos are always a great idea. Whether purchased from a stock photo website or downloaded for free, they’ve been proven to increase the amounts of people who read and share your content.

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