How To Write Engaging Content

How To Write Engaging Content

photo-1434210330765-8a00109fc773Hello there boys and girls, I just can never get over the importance of great content. Even if the content is for something like a local lead generation website, it has to be at least engaging enough to keep viewers from clicking through.

In the wide world of web marketing, good and interesting content can not only help bring traffic to your page with a healthy dose of keywords, it can also increase conversions. 

For those who may be scratching their heads, a “conversion” is when a site visitor turns into a paying customer. As you can imagine, this is a very important value because the entire reason for marketing is to create new customers.

Fortunately, there are a few simple rules we can use to make our content more ideal for our readers, and you’ll see these types of rules all around you once you start looking for them.

1. Numbered lists help readers digest information more easily. We’re all skimmers, we just briefly flick our eyes over most text to see more or less what it’s about. Take advantage of this by putting your information in numbered lists with the first sentence always bolded. This way, your readers will read a good part of the important information even if they only skim.

2. Leave plenty of white area between paragraphs. Writing content that is not only interesting and engaging but pleasant on the eye is extremely important. If it looks like work, the reader’s subconscious will shy away from letting the reader enjoy the full passage. Once that starts happening, not only do people stop reading your writing, but you lose conversions.

3. For local lead generation sites, make sure you write a minimum of 300-500 words per page. A more ideal number would be about 750 words, especially on the Home page where you’ll be receiving most of your traffic. When the time comes for other writers (such as bloggers) to link to your page, ask that they mostly link to your Home page as well, so that you can keep the traffic going mostly to the all-important home page.

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