How To Write Effective Content

How To Write Effective Content

picjumbo.com_HNCK7799when we sit down with our respective devices, we have a choice immediately slapping us in the face. Do I write great content or do I just go through the motions?

More well-written content not only engages its reader better, it also tends to rank better. Google wants to see good, authoritave content on your websites and blogs. The algorithm is always being changed and improved, and always focuses on being able to detect well made content.

So what does that translate to for us who may be beginning on the path to ranking and banking? Let’s look at a few things.

1. Content must be completely original. This is something that I see often overlooked, especially when someone is talking about past events.

Every part of your writing should be unique, and is anything even slightly resembles writing from anothe person’s webpage you could get slapped. 

Not literally, of course. that’s just SEO talk for a penalty being placed on your page’s rankings. While not as worrisome as a slap in the face, it can also lead to some unfortunate events.

Seriously though, make sure your content is unique. Google has openly said several times that they look for and penalize duplicate content.

2. Make sure you make it interesting. We always have to make sure that we’re having fun while we write. If we make writing an enjoyable experience for ourselves, it’s more likely to be tolerable reading for your audience.

The headling is always a great place to start. Consider making a “how to” style headline together with a numbered list to really make things pop.

Or if that seems a bit bland for you, try creating a little controversy. If the subject of your blogpost was something about SEO, you would try to make a splash with something volatile such as “the end of SEO!”

this also gives an interesting angle for your content, which all helps mix things up a little bit and make it more effective. So be daring, be sassy, be whatever it is you may need to have a little fun while you’re writing!

Your readers will love you for it.

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