How To Get Inspired

How To Get Inspired

photo-1434145175661-472d90344c15Hey there, boys and girls. It’s so easy these days to get caught up in the minutia of our daily lives. Emails, telephone calls, app notifications… The list just gets longer and longer, and we still have all the things our parents had to do like check the mail and do laundry.

Don’t do it though! Don’t let yourself get sucked in. Some of the best inspiration comes when you aren’t even looking for it. The way to get inspired is by letting things come to you naturally.

Just think about how Archimedes invented displacement. He had been at the drawing board for days on end, toiling over his work and the fact that he couldn’t quite find what it was that was bugging him.

So his wife told him to go and take a bath. He fills up the tub and goes to get in. As he enters he sees the water rise, and “eureka!” The rest is history, and we all have the wonder of displacement in our lives now because of brilliant people and bubble baths.

1. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. When we’re in the midst of a big project, it suddenly becomes more important than ever to live life normally and not get drawn into our work.

If we get too obsessed, our quality of life can suffer dramatically. Obsession may be a fantastic source of energy, but it keeps you on a straight line path and generally isn’t very healthy.

2. Change your surroundings. Even if you’re not actively working on a project, it can help you to change your routine a little. Get out of the house, go for a walk!

Healthy bodies make for healthy minds, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself and the world around you while working fervently.

3. Don’t dread writer’s block. Take advantage of those lulls in your creativity to go and take care of some of your day to day chores, especially what you’ve been putting off or feel like you’ve been missing out on.

If you learn to accept these little low points in your creativity as “coffee breaks” to go and do something else you need to get done. Make sure it’s something that brings you a little sense of enjoyment, such as taking care of the garden or organizing your bedroom.

Don’t worry, your keyboard will still be there when you get back. Get out there and take care of some other stuff! It’s totally worth it, trust me.

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