How To Fix A Blacklisted Website

How To Fix A Blacklisted Website

Hello again boys and girls. We all know how hard it can be to create a successful website. So much comes into play when building a web property for your own business or a client, especially if you want to bring traffic.

The most complex part of any website is promoting it on search engines, which basically comes down to link building. Without this, your site won’t every become truly popular and bring in that wonderful traffic that makes the big money.

Search engines, especially Google, are the main sources of ways to show off and promote your website, brand, or business. There are thousands of great and interestingly designed search engines, but Google is still king. That’s why you have to keep on good terms with good old Papa Google.

These days, when we want to know something, we Google it. From the cast of a movie to delicious waffle recipes, it can all be found on Google. Even more, most of these searches come from mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.

So let’s look at ways to get back into the good graces of grandpa Google.

1. Consider making a new website if yours is a few years old. This may actually be easier than hunting down the malware hidden somewhere in your code. And nowadays there are so many ways to quickly and easily make a website. WordPress, Weebly, Wix, You name it!

There are so many ways to make your shiny, new website. Just take a quick look and figure out which is the best for you!

2. Go to Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools, as the name implies, lets you know if your site has been blacklisted specifically by Google. It also tells you how many times a day your site is crawled by the Google spider bots.

This is a great starting point because other databases can blacklist you just because Google has already done so. Just verify your domain following their easy steps and request a new scan. If the malware no longer exists, Google will see that and remove you from their blacklist.

3. Try out Blacklist Alert.  This is a great next step after asking Google to step in and re-scan your site for you. It helps to do third party scans because that way you can be sure that other search engines aren’t going to give you problems either.

So get to it! You may be losing clients right now, get out and take action! Your clients, business, or blog will love you for it. So rock on! Let me know in the comments how everything worked for you.

Until next time, boys and girls!

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