Social Media For Your Business In 4 Steps

Social Media For Your Business In 4 Steps

Hey there boys and girls! So many people these days are using social media that it’s just crazy! And even more important, there are millions of posts made every day, maybe even billions!

These posts are made for all types of situations, from just keeping your friends in touch by sharing what you’re doing (or eating, or which muscle group they’re working out that day…) I mean, the possibilities are truly endless and can range from the aleatory to extremely important posts that can bring clients to companies.

So how do you do it? There are so many different topics, photos, hashtags that it’s just all a little bit dizzying. So where do you start?

1. Write good and original material. This seems like an obvious one, but I can’t say it enough ladies and gentlemen. Don’t every plagiarize or use duplicate content! I wouldn’t even repeat the same content from your blog or website to write a shortened version for your social media.

Write a unique, shortened version of the article that you’ll post on your website. Yes, you heard that right. Which leads us to the next step…

2. Post the full article onto your site. If you have a website that doesn’t have a blog, be sure and create a blog section on your webpage. Then whenever you write one of your articles, you start here.

Post the entire article onto your blog, and publish it. When you finish writing your synopsis for your social media post, make sure and make a “read more” link that shoots directly to the article on your site. That’s how you direct traffic to your site and help get eyes on your page. Isn’t that what all this is really about?

3. Use beautiful and eye-catching images. This really helps increase your click through rate. Make sure it’s a beautiful image that seems to correlate more or less with the subject you’re talking about.

Anything you can do call more attention to your post is definitely worth it, and this isn’t just something people dreamed up to make your life more complicated. There are cold, hard statistics that show the value of images when it comes to engaging your readers in social media.

If you’re a little low on cash, try out some of these great sites for free stock images.

4. Drive traffic to your site. If you’ve done the first three steps correctly, this part will just sort of work itself out! However, this part has been included here more to emphasize the importance of this aspect of social media posts.

This is the crux, boys and girls. This is the real reason why businesses even bother with social media in the first place.

What are you waiting for, then? Get out there are start pecking away at that keyboard!

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