How To Write Amazing Facebook Posts

How To Write Amazing Facebook Posts

Hey there boys and girls! Are you looking to get started writing Facebook posts to bring your blog or website more traffic?

Maybe you’ve already been using Facebook for this purpose for a while now and want to increase your exposure by getting more likes and shares.

Well, today we’re gonna talk about just that!

No matter who you are, everyone from newbies to experienced marketing specialists can learn something new today.

1. Try saying things in more catchy ways. Aim for fan engagement more than anything, and don’t just sit around pushing sales all day. Don’t be afraid to add a little shock value! Saying something like “the death of SEO” is sure to bring more attention than just a simple, bland title.

You can try any number of things and get a feel for how your readers respond. Questions always grab the attention of readers, especially photos that ask the questions with an article explaining the answer.

Fill in the blank type of posts can also be fun and very engaging for fans of all types.

2. Consider investing in some Facebook Ads. I know, I know. Every blogger or work from home marketer lets out a groan when talking about spending money on something as seemingly “goofy” as Facebook ads.

But if you really want and need to grow your page and attract new clients to your website, it’s worth it. It’s even been said that you can’t successfully grow a Facebook page without spending a little bit of cash on ads!

Changes in the Facebook algorithm have dramatically reduced the amount of eyes a particular page can attract without paying for ads. They’re smart guys, and they know what they’re doing and also how to make some big money.

3. Sit and think about your audience for a moment. Every page on Facebook has a different subject matter and a unique fanbase. And it goes without saying that different people have different interests and are stirred up by different types of media.

So who loves you? Think about who your fans are and what their wants and needs are. Try to fill some of these needs with the content of your posts. The idea in social media is to help others, and driving traffic to your website or blog while doing so.

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