Who is Cris, anyway?

Hey guys, first of all, just let me introduce myself. My name is Cris, and I’ve been a huge fan of web design since I was a kid. Eventually, I learned to market this skill and get started on the path to making six figures a year. You see, that’s how things work in life. You find your passion, figure out what your skills are, and run at it full speed. None of those old values of “study hard, work hard for fourty years, and then retire rich at 65.” That crap just wasn’t for me. I saw my grandfather grow old just in time to retire and now he’s not well enough to travel and see the world with the money he spent so many hard years toiling to obtain. It hurt me deeply to see that, and it still bothers me to this day. That’s why I swore to myself that I would never let it happen to me.


It all started out as a hobby while I worked my “real” job stocking shelves at a Kroger’s. And my grandpa always loved to tell me about the merits of working up to a manager position after many hard years. I love the man, but I’m not about that life! I first started monetizing my newfound skill with local businesses, making sites for them in exchange for a MONTHLY paycheck. (That’s right, my clients pay me every month.) By the way, if you ever want to embark on the same journey but with expert help from industry kingpins, be sure and check out my mentorsĀ Brad and Dan atĀ Job Killing. They’re internet millionaires that teach you the secrets of marketing and they’re amazing people. (By the way, this is a partner link so if you purchase their program, I get a small percentage, so thanks!)