Hey there boys and girls! So many people these days are using social media that it’s just crazy! And even more important, there are millions of posts made every day, maybe even billions! These posts are made for all types of situations, from just keeping your friends in touch by sharing what you’re doing (or eating, or which muscle group they’re working out that day…) I mean, the possibilities are truly endless and can range from the aleatory to extremely important posts that can bring clients to companies. So how do you do it? There are so many different topics, photos, hashtags that it’s justRead More →

Hello again boys and girls. We all know how hard it can be to create a successful website. So much comes into play when building a web property for your own business or a client, especially if you want to bring traffic. The most complex part of any website is promoting it on search engines, which basically comes down to link building. Without this, your site won’t every become truly popular and bring in that wonderful traffic that makes the big money. Search engines, especially Google, are the main sources of ways to show off and promote your website, brand, or business. There are thousandsRead More →

Hey there, boys and girls. It’s so easy these days to get caught up in the minutia of our daily lives. Emails, telephone calls, app notifications… The list just gets longer and longer, and we still have all the things our parents had to do like check the mail and do laundry. Don’t do it though! Don’t let yourself get sucked in. Some of the best inspiration comes when you aren’t even looking for it. The way to get inspired is by letting things come to you naturally.Read More →

Hey boys and girls, it’s me again! Today I want to talk to you about something that’s very important not only for our writing, but our entire perspective on life. Being positive! Our outlook can define our entire day, even change our mood! If we don’t learn a few tricks to control it we can find ourselves dreading the most important parts of our day!Read More →

when we sit down with our respective devices, we have a choice immediately slapping us in the face. Do I write great content or do I just go through the motions? More well-written content not only engages its reader better, it also tends to rank better. Google wants to see good, authoritave content on your websites and blogs. The algorithm is always being changed and improved, and always focuses on being able to detect well made content. So what does that translate to for us who may be beginning on the path to ranking and banking? Let’s look at a few things.Read More →

Hello there boys and girls, I just can never get over the importance of great content. Even if the content is for something like a local lead generation website, it has to be at least engaging enough to keep viewers from clicking through. In the wide world of web marketing, good and interesting content can not only help bring traffic to your page with a healthy dose of keywords, it can also increase conversions. Read More →

Hey everybody, social media can be an important part of anybody’s life, whether for marketing purposes or for getting the word out about your blog. There are so many aspects to social media that it can seem a little overwhelming.  Fortunately, not all social media was created equal, and you don’t have to elect to participate in all of the social media sites. Pick a few of the most important ones for your webpage or blog. Facebook and Google Plus are a must for brick and mortar businesses especially, since they have map directions in their page profiles. Twitter is also a great tool, especiallyRead More →

These days, spending months designing a single website just isn’t good enough for people. They want everything done yesterday and with constant changes. It’s because it’s now possible to make instant little changes that we are so quick to demand this from our webmasters. Don’t worry though, because today we’re going to look at a couple different sources of website builders. They’ll make it much easier to build that dream site or even the idea for your next blog.Read More →

Are you hungry for more tools and resources to make your graphics easier to make? Well here’s part 3 of my tools and resources guide!   1) Pic Collage is an interesting tool for whenever you want to mix it up a little bit. If you’re tired of the monotony, use this great little app to make art out of your images. It’s available on iOS and Android, so you’ll be able to install it on everything from an iPad or iPhone to an android device. There are plenty of tools to make a unique piece of art every single time, no matter where you are. TryRead More →