These days, spending months designing a single website just isn’t good enough for people. They want everything done yesterday and with constant changes. It’s because it’s now possible to make instant little changes that we are so quick to demand this from our webmasters. Don’t worry though, because today we’re going to look at a couple different sources of website builders. They’ll make it much easier to build that dream site or even the idea for your next blog.Read More →

Are you hungry for more tools and resources to make your graphics easier to make? Well here’s part 3 of my tools and resources guide!   1) Pic Collage is an interesting tool for whenever you want to mix it up a little bit. If you’re tired of the monotony, use this great little app to make art out of your images. It’s available on iOS and Android, so you’ll be able to install it on everything from an iPad or iPhone to an android device. There are plenty of tools to make a unique piece of art every single time, no matter where you are. TryRead More →

Welcome back for part two of my favorite SUPER EASY graphic editing tools! They’re all online and require absolutely zero dollars to get started. For those that didn’t see it, here’s Part 1 So today we have another group of picks, some of which are newer to the playing field! There are so many great little tools out there, all you have to do is search for them and they will just pop up! It may not actually be all that easy to sort the good ones from the riff raff in the interwebz, but that’s what I’m here for! So, enough talk… Here weRead More →

Do you want to create wonderful and amazing graphics for your blog, website or social media campaign? Of course you do. Eye-catching images are one of the most important things you can have for any great marketing campaign, especially for Google Plus or Facebook. It has been proven – and you can do the research for yourself- that beautiful, high quality graphics not only increase your clicks but increase shares as well. But wait- you haven’t gone to school for graphic design! And you have no intention of doing so. That’s okay, because once again the WORLD WIDE WEB comes to the rescue! There areRead More →

When starting a new project, it’s important to choose a beautiful color palette so that it is appealing to the eye. No matter what the project is, a personal blog or a website for a client. Especially when it comes to marketing and branding, bigger companies and products demand higher quality art than the rest of the gang. However, it can all be a little bit confusing. Not all of us have the Midas touch when it comes to making things look beautiful. So how do the rest of us choose the right color scheme? As important as a great looking color palette can be,Read More →

Hey there guys, I just wanted to drop in and share with you an app and plug-in for your browser that has totally changed my life. It’s called buffer, and you can download it here. With this wonderful little app, you can auto-schedule posts that you have written to your social media sites. The uses not only for blogging, but marketing for larger companies who want to rank nationwide are countless.   In addition to scheduling posts that you write, Buffer suggests a whole slew of articles that you can auto-schedule with the tap of a finger. It also works wonderfully on your favorite browserRead More →